Marek Nestorowicz, 1954 – 2020

18 marca 2020

We regret to inform, Marek Nestorowicz has passed away on 1st of March 2020

We’ve worked together for almost 30 years, almost since the founding of EPA sp. z o. o. He started his work in the Sales Department, of which he was the first manager. After merging the Sales Department with the Service Department, he became the head of the Marine Electronics Department. Once transformed into EPA Marine, he became its first Managing Director.

He had an invaluable contribution to our most important achievements:

  • equipping ships of Polish shipowners with GMDSS equipment in the early 90’s;
  • equipping the Maritime Academy’s mv NAVIGATOR XXI with radio navigation equipment;·
  • delivery of radio and navigation equipment for ships built in Szczecin Shipyard;
  • delivery of radio and navigation equipment for rescue units of Polish SAR;
  • equipping with radio-navigation equipment of ships built for Polsteam in Bulgaria and in China;
  • equipping the Polish fishing fleet with Mini-C transponders;
  • supply of satellite communication equipment for state administration units (including the Prime Minister’s office) and the army.

He aroused widespread sympathy, thanks to which many business contacts were transformed into friendly ties. He had friends all over the world.

We will miss him very much.