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Equipment Sales

We offer delivery, on board installation and commissioning of turnkey radio-communication, navigation, and satellite communication/television devices.

Extensive experience in this business and professional skillset of our employees mean that we can help you select devices that are optimum from your perspective and compatible with your specific needs.

Our Offer


We recommend Kelvin Hughes products: Sharpeye radar transceivers (no magnetron), integrated radar displays and Danelec products: VDR DM100 and ECDIS DM700/DM800 to our commercial maritime customers. 


We offer a full range or radio-communication solutions: from complete GMDSS consoles for any shipping application, handheld VHF and UHF radiotelephones, including waterproof and intrinsically safe versions.

Satellite communication

The clients who need access to phone and Internet during sea voyages are likely to take interest in the satellite communication devices in the Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT systems as well as a broad selection of tariff plans.

Satellite television

These days it is easier than ever to enjoy your favourite TV shows – no matter what sea your boat happens to be sailing. The maritime satellite TV antennas provide access to satellite TV across the globe, supporting a great number of receivers. This means all crew members may watch whatever they wish.

Internal communiaction

Our offer includes a wide selection of internal communication systems with custom configurations adapted to the requirements of a specific vessel or classification society.


You are welcome to get in touch with our Sales Department and learn more about our offer of devices used for measuring and indicating atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity and the direction and strength of the wind.

You are welcome to get in touch with our employees

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